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Saturday, February 16, 2019

The DITSU Podcast | Surviving Christmas

Between family stress, financial strain and exams, Christmas is not all jingle bells and holly for everyone. In this episode of the DITSU podcast,...

The DITSU Podcast | What Is DITSU?

On the very first episode of the DITSU Podcast, Pierre, Jess, Roisin and Rebecca get down to the nitty gritty of what exactly DITSU...

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The DITSU Podcast | VOTE YES for TUDSU

This episode is about the reasons why and how to TU Dublin Students' Union will be established since now that TU Dublin exists but DIT,...

Why you should VOTE YES in the Referendum

In case you didn’t know DIT no longer exists! On 1st January, TU Dublin came into being and the DIT, IT Tallaght, and IT...

How to Vote in the DITSU Referendum

On Tuesday & Wednesday, 19th & 20th February we are holding a Referendum asking you whether or not to adopt the new TU Dublin...